Svetlana Pyntikova

I didn’t even end up using Scott’s services and I’m still leaving a review because of how impressed I was. I was calling around and getting quotes to have someone come out and take a look at my dryer, it had been running only lukewarm air for a few days after the dryer vent had been cleaned.

Scott was the only person I talked to out of maybe 10 who didn’t rush me, didn’t try to press an appointment me. He calmly answered all of my questions, gave me a few tips over the phone, and told me that if I ended up working with him, he could just order a lot of parts for my brand dryer so he could do the repair same day, and I would only be charged for the parts I ended up needing.

He also didn’t have a diagnostic fee, kindly walked me through finding the model # of my dryer to send to him, and was very flexible with my schedule for a potential appointment. It ended up being a quick fix that we could do ourselves, but I was so impressed by Scott’s manner and helpfulness that I wanted to leave a review.

I will gladly use Scott in the future for any appliance services!